About SignWriter Studio™

SignWriter Studio™ was developed to provide an easier starting point for beginners who are learning SignWriting and a faster way for everybody to write and share sign languages.

It was first a way to print out lists of signs to help people learn sign language vocabulary.  Later when no more picture signs where available, it was decided that SignWriting symbols would be added to the program.  Now SignWriter Studio™ has a very rich set of features that makes it a very special program.

It is a freeware program.



Many thanks to Valerie Sutton, the inventor of SignWriting for her kind and invaluable support.   Her continual support and effort has seen SignWriting spread around the globe at the way to write sign languages.

Thanks also go to Steve Slevinski Jr. who created SignPuddle and has been pioneering SignWriting technology.

Thanks to all the members on the SW-L SignWriting List who have shared their ideas, frustrations and suggestions on the list.  Hopefully SignWriter Studio™ has addressed many of them and will be the program of choice for many linguists, authors and Deaf alike.



SignWriter Studio™ belongs to Jonathan Duncan it is a freeware program but donations welcomed.